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You may cast this spells in the morning before sunrise. You may take a red candle and burn the candle, and when the candle is burning you may chant these prayers ZORO MOKO PAISE MILE. Chant these words every day 360 times while burning the candle and also do the full invocation with lots of positive energies. Slowly you will see that doors of success will open for you and you will be blessed with lots of money success and happiness. Finding the ways to earn smart money? Try Money spells of Now Spells. Explore money charms, money talismans and money spells to create wealth opportunities in your way.

This is a very simple yet very effective spell. You will need 2 candles and the candles should be big enough to last for 7 days. You will need one green candle and one white candle. The green candle will represent Money and the White Candle will represent you. Now anoint the candles it perfumed oil. You will have to start the spell casting as 6 in the morning and every day you may cast the spell at the same time. Now take a flat table and light both the candles. While doing this keep your intentions clear that you are doing all this for Money and that you need lots of money. And the chant these words OH MA TE NA PAI, chant these words every day 120 times. Also do the spell with the intention that lots of money is pouring on you from the universe.


This spell is again a very strong and powerful money spell, that will bring Wealth and Prosperity to your house by spreading lots of positive energy in your house.

You will need sand that is very clean and pure. Then you may add sandal powder to it and also add black cumin to it. Then mix all together and chant on it TEE THOU BEE IT, chant these words 360 times and then where ever you feel lots of negative energy is present pour little powder over there. You can put little powder at the entrance of your house, little in your bedroom, sprinkle little in your hall and so on. Where ever you feel that there are lots of negative energies there you may sprinkle this powder. All the negative energies that are here in your house will be destroyed and will be replaced by positive energies. It will bring lots of wealth and prosperity with positive energies in your house. This Wealth Spell will bring lots of wealth and happiness in your house.

This spell can be performed at any place, again this is a very effective, simple and powerful spell and it does not require any ingredients or materials and can be spell cast easily. You will have to just remember this simple Money Drawing Chant and it is VO MO PAI FO TOL. Just chant these words facing west 200 times, three times in a day. The result will be visible as soon as you will start chanting these simple magical money chanting words. Remember whenever you will chant these words you have to be clean so you will need to have a bath first and then chant these words. They will bring money and happiness in your life.

This is an again a powerful and quick spell where you don’t have to do any spell chanting. You will need One Dollar Bill, on that dollar note write your name and address. After that dip the note in sandal oil. While doing this keep your intentions clear as to why you want to cast the spell. And also send lots of positive energy to the note. Then take a small bag and put the note in the bag and hang the small bag on the entrance of your door. This will bring lots of money and positive energy in your life.


Voodoo Money Spell is very ancient and it was derived from the era of ancient Egyptians. If you feel that you are losing your money because of someone, and all that you are earning is used and you are not saving any money then you can go for this powerful, strong and effective Voodoo Money Spell. You will have to make a clay voodoo doll. On the doll you may write with a red ink DUSHMAN ZER HOO, also if you know the name of your enemy then write his name also on the doll. Once this is done anoint the Voodoo Doll with sandal oil. Once this is done hold the doll in your right hand and at least for 5 minutes every day concentrate that you have lots of money and no one can take your money, you will need to produce lots of positive energy while holding the doll. After that keep the doll in a safe place in your house. The Voodoo doll will get activated and will start protecting your money from everyone and you will be able to save lots of money.

If you feel that there are lots of negative energies around you and you feel that you are not getting success and happiness in anything that you may do then you may go for the powerful GOOD LUCK MONEY SPELL. As this powerful luck spell will remove all the negative energies and will bring lots of money and success in your life. You will need 12 limes. On the lime you will write your name, then take this lime and touch the lime on your head and feat, you may do like this 12 times after that take the lime, cut it into 2 halves and at the exit of your house, you may squeeze the lime and let the lime juice flow on the exit of your house. By this way all the juice take away the negative energies from you and your surroundings and only Good Luck, Success and Prosperity will come in your life and you will be happy and satisfied.


If you always ask questions how will I get Rich or how will I prosper, then the answer lies in this powerful Prosperity Spell. You will need 40 Incense Sticks. Every Morning after sunset you will take one Incense Stick, and chant OH JO NO KO MON MONEY, 40 times every day and while the whole incense is getting burnt you will have to stay there and concentrate that lots of money are coming to you. Put lots of positive energy while spell casting and you will see that slowly money will start flowing and you will not only Prosper but will have lots of success and happiness coming in your way.

This is again a strong and powerful Money Spell, that will help you in achieving all your goals. You will first need to take a spiritual bath, once this is done take 30 Rose Petals, on each petal chant these words MOKA PRER MONEY AANA MO. And keep all the petals in your room.

Take a small box and keep all the petals in the box. Where ever you go always keep the box with you, it will emit lots of positive energy where ever you will go and will bring lots of money, success, and happiness in your life, Try black magic spells to earn money.


This is a very strong and powerful spell to banish debts, be debts free, and clear all your loans, money spells to keep your creditors away and poverty will never touch you. Cast this spell and banish your debt immediately, you will first need to take a spiritual bath. Then you at 7 in the morning you may chant this line AL NOOR TALIB PAISA AAYE NAAL. Chant these words 120 times every morning, and continue this for 40 days. You will see that all your money problems are over, you will be debt free and all your Money problems will be banished forever. Also, all those who are asking for money will be away from you and will not disturb you. And you will get rid of any type of Money Debts. Money Spells that Work Immediately

Do you need fast cash? It could be that you are in a financial emergency and your monthly paycheck will take a long time to come your way. It could also be that you are aspiring for a huge investment for your business and you need a lump sum amount of money immediately. Well, money spells are here to help you. Some money spells do take time to deliver results but you also have money spells that work immediately, try effective love spells for money.

One of the most effective money spells that work really fast is one that makes a bottle of charm for wealth. You will have to carry the bottle with you always so that it is able to draw money for you wherever you go and that too immediately. To do the spell, you will need – one bottle with lid, small coins, medium-sized coins, large coins, wheat flour, sesame seeds, cinnamon sticks, Jamaica pepper, and whole Pecans. Apart from the bottle and sesame seeds, you have to get everything in 5 as 5 is a lucky number for wealth. In case of wheat flour, get 5 tablespoons. The spell should be cast when the moon transcends from New Moon to Full Moon. Precisely, you will cast the spell in the transition phase of the moon.

It’s a simple spell. You will just need to fill up the bottle with all the ingredients mentioned above. Then, you will cap it tightly. Now, you will just shake it & utter the chant. The chant is a prayer to all the herbs to bring wealth to you. For the first few days, you will keep the bottle in the southwestern corner of the kitchen to draw abundance and prosperity. After the initial phase, you can carry the bottle in your bag wherever you go.

Another great money spell that will help you to attract money fast is money scullcap spell. This spell will help you to receive money from others. Say, you are about to receive money from someone or a lot of people for a long time and they were not giving it to you. With the help of money scullcap spell, you can make them pay you super fast.

To do the spell, you will need scullcap, small saucer, green yarn & money mist. Cinnamon oil is great money draw oil and you can choose it for your money mist here. It’s another super easy spell. First, you will have to place scullcap in a saucer and moisten with money mist. Then, you will use green yarn to tie up scullcap’s nest egg. Bind it real tight. Hang it above the doorway of home or office. This way, whoever will come to your place will be surpassed by a magical desire to bring money for you.

It’s to note here that you have to develop strong visualization power to make the fast money spells work in your favor. Higher is your visualization power, faster and better will be the results. So, practice meditation to enhance your visualization power.

This is a very strong and powerful Black Magic Spells, Money Spell. If you have tried all the possible white magic money spells and you are not happy and satisfied with the results, then you may go for this strong and powerful Black Magic Money Spell. You will need to bring some mud from the cemetery. Take a small red pouch, put the mud inside the pouch. Then tie it with a black string, and chant KALA JADU AMAL HO every day 360 times and hang the Red Pouch in your bedroom. It will give lots of magical powers to the surrounding, by which you will see lots of money coming in your life, all the debts will be gone and your house will be filled with lots of money and positive energy. So now be away from poverty and be happy and satisfied. MONEY SPELLS WITH CANDLES.

This is another strong and effective money spell that can be used in your day to day life. Every day in the morning after 7 when you will get up. Anoint the Candle with Sandal Oil. Then light the candle and chant the words PAISE MON PAAN AAJAAYE. Just chant these words 40 times every morning and then start your daily work. You will see that slowly you will feel positive with lots of positive energy around you. All your debts will start banishing; you will start being free of Poverty Life. The money will start drawing to you and you will be Debt Free. This powerful Candle Money Spell will bring prosperity and money in your life.

This is a very simple money spell where you don’t have to do anything or you don’t need any ingredients or materials. There is a plant called MONEY PLANT. You will need to bring this money plant in your house. Every morning after sunrise you will have to touch the stem of the plant and chant these words 40 times everyday MONEY AATAM NOAH PRACTICUM.
This plant has lots of positive energies and it will bring lots of prosperity and money in your house. You will have lots of money and you will be Debt Free.


If you feel that your business is not doing good, and you have lost lots of Money in your work or Business then you may cast this strong and powerful spell that will give you a strong boost in your business and things will start working out. You have to bring 6 Green Candles and one white candle. Keep all the 6 Candles in your office from where you do your business or work. And the white candle you will have to burn every day one white candle and chant 60 times YAA RAZZAQ every day. Slowly your business will pick up and you will be having lots of success in money and you will do good. Money Spells of Now Spells. Avail Free and Paid Money Charms, Talismans, Spells to bring financial opportunity in your way. Contact Spells Caster

Money Spells, Spells of Money,

Money Spells are influential “attraction energies” that fetch Money, luck, Employment, fiscal enlargement and in general accomplishment into your life.

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With the dreams and expenses reaching sky-high, money is a crucial aspect today. What’s the point of just daydreaming about a grand tour to Egypt when you cannot ever experience it in person? So, money is indispensable to lead a better and fulfilling life. Money spells are amazing solutions when you are looking for an added financial boost to your bank balance. But you should be aware that these spells must not be used to fulfill your ever-increasing greed. For example, you must not ever try the money spells to help you in embezzlement. You should only use these spells when you are actually in need of money to meet your bills and catch up with your long-cherished cravings in reality.

There is a diverse spectrum of money spells. There are spells that are cast to assure a healthy flow of money in your pocket. Then, you have spells that are practiced to ensure that money stays with you lifelong. Such spells have to be cast every day throughout your life. Some money spells are performed to pray for a raise or promotion in the workplace that would invariably enhance the bank balance. There are conjuring cash spells that will enable you to attract money towards you. Another example would be freezer spells that will stop you from spending money unwisely so that you get to save more for a better future, try money magic spells.

Apart from casting the money spells on oneself, some money spells allow you to cast the spell on behalf of another person. For example, you will find money spells that you can perform to enhance the financial state of your spouse or children.

Candles are a major part of most of the money spells. A green candle is the most important here. Some of the magic spells involve green candles only while some others may additionally involve a yellow or white candle. However, before you use the candles, you must make sure to anoint them with oil. Cinnamon oil is the most preferred but some spells allow you to use pine oil as well.

The timing to cast the spell depends on which money spell you are taking to. Some of the spells would require to perform the chant during sunrise. But then, you also have others that are mostly performed in the dark. In fact, the waxing moon phase is the most preferred timing to cast the money spells as this particular phase is said to be related with gaining something- be it money or love spells.

How to get solution of money problem by Money Spells?

Today’s era is said as money era. Everybody needs money to live a normal life. Everyone wants to live luxurious life, but to live such life you need money.

Money is the important part of life without it a person cannot move a single step. So when person does not get enough money when he needs it then the person gets into depression.

But now a days there are ways to get money easily sometimes if there is money in your destiny but you don’t get it, because of evil eye, negative energy, etc. So you can improve your financial conditions and earn money easily by Money Spells.

Powerful money spell can solve every problem related to money. If you are suffering from any loan, debt, no increment in salary, no promotion, etc. By casting this spell your money stars will become strong and powerful and you will get money very easily and from anywhere.

It should be casted with good intention only. If you are greedy or selfish then this spell will not work. And if you are casting this spell with good intention only then this spell will give you the desired result. Money Spell is the second most casted spell after love spell in the world.

It is very easy and simple and can be casted by anyone, but you should be confident and positive before casting but if you are not confident and positive then you must not cast this spell. You can ask the spell caster to cast it on behalf of you. He will cast it very easily and fast.

There are many spell casters in the world. The best spell caster is Mama Juma He is fully experienced person and he has full knowledge about every spell. He can even provide the things required during the process.

So if you are suffering from any kind of money problems, just cast this spell. You can even cast this spell on behalf of others. And have a rich, wealthy, happy and successful life. So just feel free contact Mama Juma and get free from every tension and problem.

It is to mention here that you have to be patient with the money spells. It’s not that you just cast the spell and immediately you will have volumes of cash flow in your wallet. It takes time to build a fortune and get wealthy, especially when you are not born with a silver spoon. This way, it will take some time until you see the needed boost to your financial state after performing the money spell. Last but not least, remember, money spell is never an alternative to hard work- it’s just an additional power which won’t work if you are only sitting at home idle.

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